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Trinity Device Type 1

Trinity Device Type 1

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The Trinity device was designed and developed by Arrichorn Jekil and is testament to his ingenuity and creativity. The device comes in four types and increases the energy, cargo space and vessel speed of the ship it is equipped within.

The Trinity device works by utilizing warp space technology and dark matter. The energy increase is derived from the constituent dark matter that is used in the manufacturing process and is directed into the ships energy reserves through hypercoil conduits.

The cargo space increase is directly affected by the warp space technology that Arrichorn has developed. The technology bends the original cargo space through dimensions and allows more cargo to be carried.

The speed increase comes from the residual radioactivity contained within the dark matter that is funneled from the pod into the ships engines.

All four types can be used collectively allowing for more than one unit to be equipped at any one time.

Energy + 500 : Cargo Space + 10 : Speed + 2 : Pod Points 2 : Captain Level 20

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