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This section contains Gift Certificates, Mech Packs, Starter Packs, Premium Accounts & Fuel.

Gift Certificates: These can be purchased and used at a later date or given to a friend or fellow player to use. A great way to support Core-Exiles.

Mech Packs: Build your mechs and deploy them in the only PVP section of Core-Exiles. Mechs are a great way to blow off steam and see how far up the leader board you can get.

Starter Packs: If you are new to Core-Exiles it can be a daunting thing. But our starter packs are designed to get you going and give you an edge.

Premium Accounts: These are often referred to as P.A's and will give your toon a boost and add some extra bonuses to your play time. You will also require at least one toon in PA status if you wish to use a second Alt Account.

Fuel: The life blood of Core-Exiles. Almost everything uses it and your Ships Engines only produce 'so much' in any given day. We sell Fuel direct to your tanks OR as Fuel Tickets. The latter is dropped at the Fuel Depot in game allowing you to choose when you grab it.