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Gift Certificates

Posted by Coops on 3/21/2016 to Gift Certificates
This post will cover the use of Gift Certificates and how to obtain certificates that you may have had on your previous Store account. (Prior to 1st April 2016). Please read with care as the process for using gift certificates is slightly different than the old system.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate
You will find that there is a Gift Certificate section to the store under the main category of Extras. When you purchase a Gift Certificate it will be sent to you electronically via email. It will appear as a short code. It will start with GC and be followed by a series of numbers.

Spending part or all of a Gift Certificate
Add items to your shopping cart. Then View your cart. You will see the items you wish to purchase listed here. To the left is a section titled 'Apply Gift Certificate'. Type in the Gift Certificate code you have and apply. If the code is valid and still has credit it will appear at the bottom of the page under 'Gift Certificates'.  The code will be displayed along with the remaining balance on that gift certificate.

If you wish to utilise part, or all of this balance, click 'Proceed to Checkout'. On the following screen you will see the value of your purchases and the planned deduction of the Gift Certificate. If you have another gift certificate you wish to add at this time you may do so using the Apply Gift Certificate box at the bottom.

Check the various sections, make sure you are happy, then choose a payment method. The value of your purchase up to the amount of the gift certificate remaining balance, will then be deducted from that gift certificate. If this was the full amount of the gift certificate, it will deplete that gift certificate.

Check the Balance of a Gift Certificate
Over time you may use partial amounts of a Gift Certificate. Of course you can't be expected to keep track of it's balance, so you can check this from your Account Page.

Login to the store using your account details and access the 'My Account' page.  At the bottom of this page you will see a section titled 'Look Up - Gift Certificate' From here you can enter any gift certificate that you have been given or purchased. It will then display the original amount and the current balance available to spend.

Don't Loose your Codes
It should be fairly self evident but once you have a Gift Certificate code keep it safe until you have used it. We can look up codes but it will only tell us who the originator / purchaser was, plus we can only look these up IF you have the code. If you have received this gift certificate from a friend it's important you keep the code safe and secure.

Can I give a Code to a Friend?
Sure you can. The code is the key to accessing the balance therein. If you give someone the code you are giving them access to that balance.

Transfer my Old Gift Balance
Coops I had a Gift Certificate balance on the old Store (Pre April 1st 2016), how do I get at it?

We have records of all Gift Certificate balances on all active accounts on the old store. We will need you to contact us (Contact Us above or in game via PM) with the following details. Your Full Name and Email Address as used in the old store.

We will then verify the balance and issue you a NEW Gift certificate for the outstanding balance. This will be emailed to you so make sure if you ave a new email address that it's valid and accepting email from our domain.

You can then use the Gift Certificate in part or in full using the instructions above.