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About Us

What is Core Exiles?

In the far flung future, most of humanity live safely within The Core, a place of rigid control and conformity. You however refuse to conform, refuse to be controlled and regulated, and so have been exiled from the Core.

Here, in the Sphere Galaxy, life is not easy. Factions strive against each other for economic or military supremacy, gangs of ruthless pirates roam the space ways attacking where they wish, and a sinister alien enemy waits just beyond the edge of known space to destroy all life.

Yet riches and fame are also out there for the taking. Whether it’s upholding the law against pirates or plundering from the unwary, mining asteroids for valuable minerals, salvaging space debris or researching and building new technology, there are plenty of ways for a Captain to make a name for themselves.

What can I do in Core Exiles?

Welcome to Core exiles, an online world the like of which you’ve never seen before.

Here you will become the captain of your own spacecraft trying to make your way in six galaxies. What you do is entirely up to you.

You might choose to take on combat missions, upholding the law or indeed preying on fat merchant ships for loot. You might become a crafter, able to build and sell a diverse range of devices from new weapons to resource extractors.

You may build your own settlement, maintaining its people and protecting them from attacks while trying to earn a profit. Mine asteroids for resources, explore strange alien planets or derelict spacecraft, run drones, factories and hundreds of other pieces of technology.

For the competitively minded there is Mech combat, where you can battle your large robotic creations against those of other players for glory and renown.

Whether you’re a strategist, an explorer, a privateer or a mix of all three, you’ll find yourself at home in Core exiles.

New additions like Derelict Exploration, Wreck Salvaging, Nebula and the ability to collect Dark Matter resources. In game exploration that clears the way for new planets. Global research projects making sure there is always new technology and items being added. Certification in ship based skills preparing for player made ships and Level 6 Settlements.

What about a community & Updates?

With a friendly and welcoming group of fellow captains, always ready to offer tips, buy and sell gear or just hang out and chat, and various player guilds to join, the Core exiles community is as diverse as the galaxies where the game takes place.

Then of course, the game is constantly evolving. New technology, enemy threats or options for research or competitions to win valuable prizes appear each month.

Core Exiles is always evolving and what's great is Core Exiles will always be FREE to play. Sure you’ll be able to purchase some special items should you wish to but the game still remains free to play.

But don’t take our word for it. Creating an account is free and easy and you’ll instantly be able to access the game through your browser.

Sign up today and begin your space adventure!


Welcome to Core exiles, Being an exile might be the best thing that ever happened to you.