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Income Items

This section deals with items that aid you in creating credits. A serious business and one that can be made easier with some simple supporting infrastructure.

Mega Malls : These replace the smaller malls enabling you to pretty much sell any resource in game. There are currently 14 Mega Malls in game, these will enable you to sell off stockpiled unwanted resources, or simply an avenue to create funds.

Galactic Emporium : Currently the Galactic Emporium is responsible for some 37 Billion credits worth of player to player sales. But you have to OWN an Emporium Store to be able to sell items. This section deals with the license to open a store (or as many as you want) and the ability to get you items on the Global Emporium View. You can also upgrade your stock room enabling you to sell more and more at any one time.