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Resource Items

This section deals with items in Core-Exiles that will aid you in collecting Resources and the processing of those resources.

Expanse Extractors : These extractors only work in the Expanse and are used for the collection of resources through the O.R.S.A offices.

Factories : Got lots of resources and want to process them into 'other items'? This is what factories do. These are varied and are special Store bought versions.

Advanced Mining & Refineries : This section contains both Advanced Mining drones for use in Asteroid Fields and also AMR refineries. The later can be deployed on the Advanced screen of Orbital Refineries.

Genesis Facilities : Once you have yourself a Genesis Plot and are ready to begin working this part of the game these buildings will be essential to your progression.

Zero Structure Points : Items in the category are all aimed at replacing normal in game items that require 'Structure Points' You only have so many and these items don't need ANY at all. a Real boon if you want to increase your empire!