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New Account - Free Item

Posted by Coops on 3/28/2016 to Site News
Signing up for stores can be a bit of a chore, remembering login details, and the actual effort involved. So we thought why not add a sweetener to the deal?  So we have decided to give you a FREE C.E.S. Extractor of your choosing for doing so!

Once you have created an account and received the sign up email from the store contact me (Coops) in game. Claim your C.E.S. Extractor of choice, but make sure you give me your sign up email address!

It won't cost you a penny, that's a saving of £25.00!


1: You should ONLY claim ONE!
2: You can do this at any time during the period of owning an account on the store.
3: You need to have a valid store account with a valid active email account at the time of claiming.
4: This offer is made in good will, and we ask that you treat it the same.

You can of course purchase these items elsewhere in the store as per normal.