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Your Captain

This section deals with items that affect your captain or main account directly. These are elements of Core-Exiles that over time you may want to invest in to upgrade and bolster your captain on his travels.

Implants : Used to increase your skills. We sell the primary four types of 'store purchased' implants here. The Zeus, Pegasus and Titan.

Skill Packs : These are a great way to fill the gap between what you have amassed in game and the shortage you may have in fitting that 'Must Have' item. Skill packs are added directly to you captains account.

Exploration : This category caters for a plethora of items that will aid you on your travels exploring planets and Derelicts alike.

Settlements : Your captain may settle TWO settlements at any one time in game. Settlements are a 'Place to call home' and so much more. This section makes that life a little 'easier'.

CE Buddies : These guys are related to certain key aspects of the game and will sit next to you and keep an eye out for any passing crates of goodies you would normally miss.

Captain Upgrades : These are account / Captain based upgrades. There are Seventeen of them to choose from. They will increase many of your day to day attributes.