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Offical CE Sales - January

Posted by Coops on 1/1/2020 to Monthly Special Offers
THANK YOU - Well folks we made it into 2020, I hope this year will be great for you all. I intend to be releasing more game content this year and for my part, that means nose to the grindstone. But before we move on a MASSIVE thank you to those of you who choose to make use of our December Sales!

As such I figured I'd keep most of those sales and special offers running through this month. Including the special Buy One / Claim One Free offer READ BELOW!

Offical CE Sales - August

Posted by Coops on 8/1/2019 to Monthly Special Offers
August 2019...

A THANK YOU to ALL those who supported us in both financial and word of mouth fashion. Funds in the CE store is Great and it really helps, but new players ushered in by friends and fellow players is a great boon... So keep it up - BOTH TYPES :)

You'd be surprised how much power a good review/topic post on a social media site can have on visitors to the site. So don't think 'you can't help' you CAN even if not financially. Friends, relatives, colleagues, everyone is a potential new player and they can do the same.

Offical CE Sales - February

Posted by on 2/1/2019
February already! Baaaaah Humbug! I really need to work on my Cloning Process. :)

First off a Massive THANK YOU to the Captains and Supporters that made the 35 sales last month in January. You got us through a Tight old month so thank you! I have announced the Lucky Winner of the Life Time PA draw OVER HERE Also, note we will be running it again for February! So if you fancy a big FAT Life Time PA on your account (or donated to an ALT or Friend) then make a purchase and get your name in the Draw for this month!

I spent most of the last few weeks pretty immobile and useless, so production and development came to a halt. But I'm getting more movement and time at the Keyboard now so things are looking up! Yeah!

Offical CE Sales - January

Posted by on 1/1/2019 to Site News
January is here - 2019 WOW - what can I say - Another Year of CE fun ahead and a lot of coding and testing I foresee in my near future :) We have secured three lots of artwork in the last few months, not only for Starbases (Yes I'll shut up about them for now) lol - but also for two other projects that will hit CE this year!

So Keep on supporting and I'll keep on coding! The storyline plot fo CE is just starting to warm up folks :)

Offical CE Sales - December

Posted by on 12/1/2018 to Site News
December - Noway! Errrr I'm not Ready! Here look at the shiny reindeer whilst I grab a bag of goodies and something nice and prep for the Festive Month. OK thats better - now where were we - Oh yes December!

That must mean giving the kitchen sink away and opening all the festive stops yes?

Let's start with Rudolph, Donner & Blitzen

Official CE Sales - June

Posted by Coops on 5/31/2018 to Monthly Special Offers
June already - Amazing - where does the time go too! Thank you to those of you that continue to show your loyal support for us here at Core-Exiles. I've gambled somewhat and now spent a LARGE chink of last months support on a new advertising campaign to try bring more and more new players to Core-Exiles.

If you forgot to claim your rewards for your level of support in May, its not too late, just drop me a line with your Order Number and what you would like. I'm always happy to help those who show their support.

This month sees a Gazillion items on discount over at the Store Plus I'm running some special Buy One / Get One Free offers READ BELOW!


A New Store Front

Posted by Coops on 3/30/2016 to Site News
It's been a few years now since we changed out the Game Store and we felt it was time to modernise the store whilst doing so this year. We have been having issues keeping the old store up to date with security patches and its been showing its age.

We also wanted to add a layer of SSL security for our game customers who wanted to help support the game. You will find the final store check out system is now SSL encrypted so you can shop with the knowledge we are doing our part to make your sale secure.

New Account - Free Item

Posted by Coops on 3/28/2016 to Site News
Signing up for stores can be a bit of a chore, remembering login details, and the actual effort involved. So we thought why not add a sweetener to the deal?  So we have decided to give you a FREE C.E.S. Extractor of your choosing for doing so!

Once you have created an account and received the sign up email from the store contact me (Coops) in game. Claim your C.E.S. Extractor of choice, but make sure you give me your sign up email address!

It won't cost you a penny, that's a saving of £25.00!

The Core-Exiles Store

Posted by Coops on 3/22/2016 to Site News
Core-Exiles has been around for over Ten years now. Back in the beginning we ran off a small shared server and had no need for a Store. As our player base grew so did our need for more powerful and stable servers. This meant we had to get Core-Exiles to support itself.

Gift Certificates

Posted by Coops on 3/21/2016 to Gift Certificates
This post will cover the use of Gift Certificates and how to obtain certificates that you may have had on your previous Store account. (Prior to 1st April 2016). Please read with care as the process for using gift certificates is slightly different than the old system.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate
You will find that there is a Gift Certificate section to the store under the main category of Extras. When you purchase a Gift Certificate it will be sent to you electronically via email. It will appear as a short code. It will start with GC and be followed by up to seven numbers.