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Your Ship

This section caters for items pertaining to your Space Ship. There are 100's of different ships in Core-Exiles and a wealth of difference between the styles and types.

Ship Tokens : This enables you to purchase the ship of your dreams in the form of a Token. You then go in game locate the store that sells those types of ships and 'Use' the token.

Ship Upgrades : Should you own a 'Player Made' Ship you can add upgrades to it. These enable you to expand things like Cargo space, Skill Point bonuses, Hull & Armour upgrades. Even bring the required captain level down.

Ship Parts (SMC) : Ships can also be 'built' by players in Core-Exiles. These are constructed using a Chassis, an Engineering Frame, 200 Armour Compound and any modules you can fit in the design. Purchase the items you need then contact a player who owns a 'Ship Manufacturing Centre' to complete your build.