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Quantum Transfer Device

Quantum Transfer Device

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Dr Albert Caruthers had been working on his own research project into the uses of Dark Matter and recently along with the Galactic Research Project completion has released his latest completed project.

Those who have worked closely with Dr Caruthers will already find that they own one these Quantum devices, those that have not will need to befriend an Engineer or make one for themselves.

The Quantum Transfer device is one of those 'save the day devices'. How often have you trekked over to a distant system to empty your Extractors and halfway back realised you didn't actually pick up the resources! Doh!

This device allows you to transfer items FROM a distant Commercial store TO the local store. Yup you read right! Of course as with all great things there is a draw back. You can only use the device up to 10 time s a day. A small price to pay for such ingenuity.

Quantum Transfer : Pod Points 1 : Captain Level 15

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