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C.E.S Alien IC Factory (Survey)

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C.E.S Alien IC Factory (Survey)

This type of Factory is obtainable from both the Festive Store and the Official CE Store.

What makes this factory so different is that its actually several factories in one. That is to say it is capable of manufacturing more than one type of product.

This Factory requires a skill of 150 in Manufacturing before the Factory can be placed in a Gleso Commercial Factory slot.

This item is non tradeable and does not require any Structure Points to deploy.

Please Note: Whilst you may own as many C.E.S Factories as you like you may only DEPLOY FIVE at anyone time anywhere in the Game.

Storage: 2,000 Units
Production Rate: 5 Units per hour
Structure Points: Nil
Level Requirement: 40

Production Capability:
Basic Astro Drone (Survey) (Default)
Medium Astro Drone (Survey)
Advanced Astro Drone (Survey)

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