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Minos Hybrid Transporter 1

Minos Hybrid Transporter 1

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This 'Hybrid' version of the Minos Pod is modelled off the Galactic Transporter series. This Minos has however been modified to work within the Expanse as well outside.

Within the Expanse, the Pod Offers two types of transfers. The first will search for Commercial Storage locations with your 'Explored Space' in the Expanse. The second allows for the standard locations with the devices range to be reached outside the expanse.

The technology involved is very advanced and it is impossible to utilise more than one pod type at any time as this would cause catastrophic damage to the ship. There are four Hybrid types available, each one with a different range.

Please note: The Minos cannot be activated whilst a ship has active Mission Cargo on-board.

Minos Range + 100 : Pod Points 3 : Captain Level 60 (Single Fit Pod)

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