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C.E.S Bertha ORSA Extractor

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C.E.S Bertha O.R.S.A Extractor

This an extractor developed by ORSA themselves. It stands out from all other extractors in that it can be placed on any active ORSA Spawn slot (outside of the Expanse) regardless of the resource type.

So rather than carrying around a collection of extractors for Mineral, metal, gas etc you only need a single 'Bertha' extractor. The extractor is Industrial rated and comes with a massive 20K hopper.

Please Note: Whilst you may own as many C.E.S Extractors as you like you may only DEPLOY FIVE at anyone time anywhere in the Game. This can be raised to 8 if you have an active Patreon subscription.

Storage: 20,000 Units
Extraction Rating: High

Structure Points: 0
Level Requirement: 25

This item is non tradeable and does not require any Structure Points to deploy.

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