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Bishop Anti-Proton Cannon

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Settlements in the Expanse are covered by a defence agreement with the Naristro up to and including Settlement level 2. Once a Settlement owner passes in to level 3 the defensive cover is removed. From that point on the Settlement must learn to defend itself against hostile Alien and Marauder attacks.

There is a myriad of offensive and defensive weapons for Expanse Settlements and the owner must discern early on what they can afford versus what they need to survive in this Alien Galaxy.

This weapon fits in the Settlement Defence section of your Settlement Defences and requires a Ground Support Slot and correctly tasked Alien staff before it can be fitted and operated on an Expanse Settlement.

Energy Req: 50,000 - Set Level Req: 4 - Set Running Cost: 1,000 Talas
Weapon Max Damage: 1,200 - Staff Req: Skill Type 16 x 4
This item adds GROUND SUPPORT to your Settlement - Can be used ONLY in the Expanse.

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