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Exile Support Token (E.S.T) - April

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Exile Support Token (E.S.T)

So what is an Exile Support Token?

Well, there are 12 of these. Collect them and hand them into Coops. In turn, you will be awarded Gift Certificates for the full face value of the Tokens PLUS 25%!

There is one for each month of the year. So you make an overall 25% profit by supporting Core-Exiles and buying our tokens each month.

Q: How many do I need to collect to hand in Coops?

A: A minimum of THREE UNIQUE tokens must be handed in. These can be in any order and any three months of the year. Of course the more you hand in over three the higher the value of the gift certificates you will be handed back.

The Tokens can be traded/swapped with other players like cards. But you need a minimum of Three unique tokens to hand in.

You MAY purchase tokens NOT for that month if you so wish - these are sold to allow for support in the game and giving us working capital to spend on advertising and services. Whilst giving you a major saving and investment plan should you choose to take part.

Once purchased the Tokens will be added to your account and appear in the Misc part of your ships store.

Thank you for your support!

PLEASE NOTE: The monthly discount code will not work with these particular items.

These are the ONLY items in the store that you cannot use the discount code on.

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