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ADV Automated Mining - Grachev

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ADV Automated Mining - Grachev

This mining drone is the latest in modern automated mining technology. Designed by Penworthy Industries, it's fitted with a high gain deep penetration radar. This drone can detect and mine ores 'other' than standard ore from an asteroid Field.

Once deployed it can detect the small 'fragment asteroids' normally left by most industrial miners. It will then engage in mining till the asteroid is depleted. These drones are capable of mining almost any resource that has been located and discarded by miners in any asteroid field.

Once full the drone will deposit its mined ore to the local refinery 'Advanced Ore Store' then return and scan for another fragment asteroid.

Req Captain Level : 40
Req Drone Skill : 350
O.P.H : 90
Drone Points : 3

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