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Nebula Harvester CES 2

Nebula Harvester CES 2

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Nebula Harvester CES 2

This harvester is capable of surveying and mining resources on its own within an allocated zone in a Nebula. The survey ability of the harvester is directly linked to your own survey skill. So the higher your skill the more chance it has of locating higher value resources.

Once the extractor locates a resource it will begin mining said resource until either the resource is depleted or the hopper is filled. You may visit the harvester and transfer resources from the hopper to your cargo bay as often as you wish.

Pursuant with harvester regulation code 1.5 subsection 10 of the code of ORSA practice you will require a minimum of 175 Survey skill to deploy this harvester.

WARNING: This harvester requires 45 units of Dyz Fuel per hour to operate. If the harvester runs out of fuel it will cease to function and be towed back to the Nebula's automated services to await your return. Recalling the harvester will reset its current target resource and also empty its Dyz fuel tank.

Please Note: Whilst you may own as many C.E.S Harvesters as you like you may only DEPLOY FIVE at anyone time anywhere in the Game.

Level Req: 35 / ORSA 80,000
Hopper: 10,000
Max Extraction Rate per hour: 45
Structure Points: 0
Dyz Fuel Tank: 10,000

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