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 Planetary Vehicle Kit Raptor 10 X 300 HP

Planetary Vehicle Kit Raptor 10 X 300 HP

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Planetary Vehicle Repair Kit Raptor 2

Planetary exploration is a tough business. The use of an ATV like the ECO is a very wise move and will mean that the explorer is far less likely to get injured.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the ECO-UPV it's self. Knocks, bumps, erratic high speed driving and even fire fights will all take their toll on the ECO. Once it's HP reaches Zero its toast. So make sure you stock  up on these PV Repair kits. (PVRK).

ECO HP Repair: 300+

These can ONLY be used on a planet whilst landed and with the ECO deployed.

(This item when purchased from the CE store contains TEN PVR Kits each giving a 300 HP repair to your ECO-UPV)

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