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 [ME4] Light-Foot Mech Chassis 1 (Pack of 3)

[ME4] Light-Foot Mech Chassis 1 (Pack of 3)

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Light-Foot Mech Chassis Rev 1

The Light-Foot chassis was originally designed as a scout Mech. With the new regulations in place the cockpit has been replaced with an AI Pod receiver and you should be able to fit almost any AI pod within the confines of the old cockpit.

Designed for quick sprints and hovering to acquire targets for other larger mechs this was once part of a team. Now with added armour upgraded weapon mounts it now posses a sizeable threat to most mechs.

This mech does come fitted with a Jump system. Jump Fuel limited to 3 Jumps before refuelling.

Mech Details:
Maximum Payload Mass: 600
Standard HP load out: 1100
HP Resistance figures:  EM+28% / KIN-EXP+25% / TH+ 27%
Standard Speed / Zero load out: 45
Scan Range Passive : 150 M
Scan Range Active: 250 M

Requirements: Captain Level 15 / Mech Commander Level 2

This pack contains 3 Light-Foot Mech Chassis Rev 1

Please note: To build a fully functioning mech you will require, a chassis, AI, Armour and weapon pack.

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