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Subatomic Moleculiser ADV3

Subatomic Moleculiser ADV3

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Dr Azeri and Professor Patel had been working on the Subatomic Moleculiser long before the Dark Matter project was completed. But it wasn't until the GRP released their data on Dark Matter that they made a major break through.

The Subatomic Moleculiser unit simply rearranges subatomic particles, which are abundant everywhere in the universe, to form molecules and arrange those molecules to form what they have called 'AZ-Pat' resources.

They found that during testing six primary 'Az-Pat' resources could be created from just about anything. Each unit is rated to recover an approximate X% of the targets particle mass density in Az-Pats.

All resources from the process are placed in a nearby Commercial Store so you must be docked and located at a promenade with a nearby CS.

Already the Az-Pat resources are creating a fervour of excitement in the design and schematic companies, even Star base manufacturers have taken interest in this new and highly unusual technology.

Particle Mass Density 75% : Pod Points 1 : Captain Level 35

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