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Starboard Spacescapes Cabin

Starboard Spacescapes Cabin

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This is an Alien Cabin Expander. It is a creation of Alien and Human ingenuity. The Naristro have agreed to allow the Union Passenger service to move Aliens to and from the Expanse.

This Cabin system is designed as a multi-role system allowing the transportation of Aliens and also humans. Fitting this cabin allows the captain of said ship to ferry both Alien and Humans at the same time if so desired.

All alien Cabins require Alien Industry Certification and Alien Industry Skills. On the plus side whilst fitted the Alien cabin technology adds a small amount of 'Alien Industry Skill'.

You will require Alien Industry skill 1,200 in order to use this item.
You will require Alien Industry Certification Level 3 in order to use this item.
This cabin module will house 48 Passengers, 16 of each class.

Energy Requirement: 95,000 Units
Level Requirement: 140

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