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Salvage Discriminator S3

Salvage Discriminator S3

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The Salvage Discriminator was designed to try and overcome one of the primary issues that comes from increasing your Level on each section of a wreck. As you level up you open the loot locked within that level. So whilst the good news is you get access to more loot the bad news is the same issue - you gain access to more loot!

As you level up, the loot pool grows. The loots are there it's just the loot table is now larger and keeps growing as you level. Unlike Mining where the issue can be resolved by removing a scanner or two, salvager's are stuck with this issue.

The Salvage Discriminator is an Engineered item (Pod) that when fitted locks the loot table to that level and below. So say you fit a Salvage Discriminator rated for level 6, it would lock your loot from the wreck to level 6 and below.

Please note: The Salvage Discriminator will only activate if your level for that section is higher or equal to the discriminators Lock Level. If it detects your level is below that of the choosen Discriminator Lock it will remain dormant.

Salvage Discriminator Max Level Lock 8 : Pod Points 4 : Captain Level 20 (Single Fit Pod)
Non Expanse Use Only

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