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Patreon Supporter + 5 (Monthly Sub Only)

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Patreon Supporter + 5

Some of our Visually Impaired players have shown a wish to support Core-Exiles using the Patreon Support method. Sadly some have found that they cannot navigate the Patreon site (something we have passed on to them). This precludes them from supporting and taking part in the Patreon system.

These Patreon Tokens are designed to allow a VI (blind) player to take part in the VIP Patreon system. Simply purchase a token based on the support level you wish to show for the coming month.

Note: You MUST include the name of the account in the game you wish this VIP Patreon support added for. If you fail at check out please send Coops a PM with the details. Reason being, many players use a Completely different email for gaming and payment.

Each month to stay in Patreon Support and have an active VIP account, you must purchase one or more of these tokens, up to the value of your desired support. We have rewards on patreons site for 5,10 and 20.

VERY IMPORTANT: This Payment option is for MONTHLY SUBS ONLY - PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE if you simply want to increase your Patreon / VIP points. If this is the case, contact me directly to discuss.

Payment for Patreon Support MUST be in REAL Funds. It cannot be made in Gift Certificates. Anyone doing so will be contacted and a new Gift Cert reissued. You can not pay for Patreon support with Gift Certificates. Note they are also not compatible with the monthly discount codes, these will not work against these. This is purely an alternative method for VI / Blind players to take part in the Patreon support system.

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