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Olympic Advanced Research Centre (A.R.C)

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Olympic Advanced Research Centre (A.R.C)

This is a SPECIAL OLYMPIC research center. Designed from the ground up by the people at 'Truly Wonderful' to be the best Research center available. This version works ONLY OUTSIDE the expanse.

The S.R.P (Settlement Research Points) rate from this Advanced Centre is simply staggering. As with all Research units it can be linked to work on a joint project with other Research units.

Research is affected by the local S.P.S (Skill Point Score). So the higher the total S.P.S of any Settlement the more S.R.P you are likely to achieve with this Research Centre.

Base S.R.P : 800 Per Day

Energy Requirement: 60,000
Settlement Level Requirement: 5
Settlement Running Costs: 1000 CR

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