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Mega Mall - Medical

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CE Store ID:MEGA_M12
This is a Mega Mall. As the name implies its for the those serious about their mall stores and offers far more than the normal run of the mill Malls. This mall has a Stock limit of 25,000 units, far out sizing any other Mall type.

This mall also has Six points of sale for your NPC customers to peruse your chosen goods. Plus the Mega Malls range covers the entire spectrum of Resources & Commodities. That's 14 Mall types covering 650+ items at your disposal to sell.

Revenue from Sales will be sent under secure electronic transmission every 12 hours to your authorized email service. It is your responsibility to ensure you cover all Mall Store Charges (Rental agreements).

Level Requirement: 55
Structure Points: 5
Negotiation Skill: 80

Use the following link to check which mall sells which in game resources : Mall Check

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