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Hull Upgrade 1,000 HP

Hull Upgrade 1,000 HP

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Please Note : Before thinking of purchasing this upgrade it is assumed you have already read and understood the limitations and rules imposed in this Primer Guide for Player Made Ship Upgrades : http://community.core-exiles.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1420

Should you continue to purchase this item we will assume you have read and understood the terms within.

Hull Upgrade 1,000 HP

This is an upgrade for a Player made ship that has at least ONE upgrade point avialable.

When applied this upgrade will increase the ships Hull by 1,000 Hit Points. This increase is permanent and will transfer with the ship if it is later sold to another player.

This upgrade cannot be remove once applied and can only be applied once the player has placed the ship in the Hangar and informed Coops via in game PM he is ready for the Upgrade to be applied.

It is up to the player to ensure that the target ship has sufficient Upgrade points left to receive this upgrade and that you pass on the #ID code of your ship when contacting Coops (in game) for the upgrade to take place. Details can be found in the url primer post linked above.

Required : 1 Ship Upgrade Point avialable

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