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Expanse Tourist Attraction (Alien)

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Expanse Tourist Attraction (Alien)

Designed and Developed by the Rhik'ila School of Advanced Sciences this is one of the many advances in technology that has been shared with the Coalition and in turn all of humanity.

Settlements can happily survive without tourism, but if a settlement wants to add an Expanse Union Passenger Office to their settlement they will need to think hard about enticing passengers to their settlement other than just relying on passing trade.

Tourist attractions vary in size, shape and costs to run but they all add to the attraction value of a settlement. The more you have the higher your attraction value. The higher the attraction value the more likely you are to gain visitors.

Attraction Value: 1500
Energy Requirement: 85,000
Settlement Level Requirement: 6
Settlement Running Costs: 1800 Talas

This is an EXPANSE ONLY Item

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