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Daedalus Armour Type 7

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The Daedulus pod comes in four types and has been developed by Stanchion Combat Laboratories. The pod increases armour, hull and speed values by the use of intelligent terramorphic bacteria. These bacteria are contained within the pod until activated at which point they leave the pod and encapsulate the ship.

They attach themselves to the hull and armour of the ship and begin to resonate at an ultra sonic level that increases the structural strength of the material they are in contact with.

The speed increase comes from the spores which are left within the pod and which are slowly siphoned into the engines. These spores are the progeny of the bacteria and are millions in number and increase the efficiency of the engines allowing for increased speed.

All four types of the pod can be used collectively allowing for more than one pod to be equipped at the same time.

Armour + 300 : Hull + 300 : Speed + 25 : Pod Points 5 : Captain Level 70

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