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Combat Loot Maximiser CE4

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This is a Combat Loot Maximiser. These were designed by the clever boffins over at Research station 11 in Kilby. Essentially this pod acts as a booster to the maximum range of the loot scanners fitted to your ship.

These units are complex and restrict the use of more than one of the range at any time. Never the less there are various versions available to help expand your loot opportunities.

This particular Combat Loot Maximiser is a CE Store purchased item that when fitted increases the upper limit for loot discovery by a value of +8. It will also affect re-scans should you choose to do so during the loot process.

Combat Loot Maximiser +8 : Pod Points 1 : Captain Level 55 (Single Fit Pod - 1 CLM Pod ONLY)

Note: This item is non transferable.

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