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Ship Token

This is a token for a Core-Exiles Ship. Ships purchased in this way can be collected from the relevant Ships Store in game.

Once you have purchased the token, move your current ship in game to the correct store that sells this type of ship (Merriott Ship Sales.) Use the in-game 'Finder' on the tool bar to locate the nearest store to you.

Once at the store find the ship name in the list. Then choose if you wish to use the 'Token Purchase' or the 'Token Hangar Purchase' option.

Token Purchase will simply move you into your shiny new ship and take your old 'current one' and give you the trade in price. This gives you the current trade in as shown at the time.

Token Hangar Purchase will move the new ship in to the Local Universal Hangar at the location. This option does NOT trade in your current ship. You can only use this option if you have a UHL license active on your account. Read More HERE

Please ensure you check the details and level requirements from inside the game before Purchasing this token.

Lastly: You can only have one Token active on your account at one time. So please ensure if purchasing multiple ships to USE any tokens you may have purchased first before purchasing another.

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