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Black Raven Fuel Transfer Pod

Black Raven Fuel Transfer Pod

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This pod is named after it's inventors ship the 'Black Raven'. The Raven is famous for being the only vessel to complete a round the 'Four Galaxies' trip in under 4 weeks. The device itself is a 'Fuel Transfer Pod' and is the only pod type in existence that the Fuel Depots automated systems will communicate with for 'Reverse Flow Fuel Management' (RFFM).

The device enables a ship with the pod fitted to 'transfer fuel FROM the ship TO the depot'. The transfer has a safety protocol which will means it wont activate (appear as an option) unless you have more than 50 fuel in your ships tanks, and will always leave you with 50 units of fuel in your ships tank when making a transfer.

This last measure is so you can clear the Fuel Depot and move to a nearby docking location or transfer to a nearby system.

Pod Points: 1 - Captain Level 15 (Single Fit Pod)

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