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Archimedes Device

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Archimedes Device

The Archimedes Device is a clever piece of technology, designed to interface with the Grivoc Industries Rare Ore Refinery units. Normally these devices when deployed are limited to 2000 units at a rate of 10 per hour.

The Archimedes Device bypasses the security lockouts and doubles these affects. If fitted this gives any Rare Refinery deployed at these location a 4,000 unit hopper and a refinery output of 20 per hour.

You must have the pod fitted at the time of Deployment for the process to work. Only required for Deployment.

Hopper Increase +2000 : Units Per Hour +10
Pod Points 1 : Captain Level 35 (Single Fit Pod)

Note: This pod only works on deployments made at Grivoc Industries Rare Ore Refineries.
For refineries already deployed, without the pod fitted, you will need to redeploy them with the pod fitted to get the boost.

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