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Offical CE Sales - February

Posted by on 2/1/2019
February already! Baaaaah Humbug! I really need to work on my Cloning Process. :)

First off a Massive THANK YOU to the Captains and Supporters that made the 35 sales last month in January. You got us through a Tight old month so thank you! I have announced the Lucky Winner of the Life Time PA draw OVER HERE Also, note we will be running it again for February! So if you fancy a big FAT Life Time PA on your account (or donated to an ALT or Friend) then make a purchase and get your name in the Draw for this month!

I spent most of the last few weeks pretty immobile and useless, so production and development came to a halt. But I'm getting more movement and time at the Keyboard now so things are looking up! Yeah!