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Valkyrie Interface 35

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Valkyrie Interface 35

Designed by those clever boffins at Truly Wonderful this type of technology is still relatively new. The Valkyrie Interface connects to a vacant Special slot and integrates with your on-board A.I's communication systems.

Once connected the Valkyrie Interface can then connect with any Harvesters you have deployed and operational inside any Nebula throughout the Galaxies. Once connected it can increase the efficiency of the Harvesters output by varying percentages.

Unfortunately it can only do this once a Harvester is already operational and does not in any way eliminate the need for survey skill. It does how ever maintain the Dyz Fuel requirement regardless of the extra efficiency gain in Harvesting.

The only draw back is you can only fit one of these Valkyrie Interfaces at a time.

Required Level 65 / Efficiency Gain +35%

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