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The Wraith Account Upgrade

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The Wraith Upgrade

For many years the designers and technicians at 'Truly Wonderful' had been working on a personal upgrade modification chip with one specific purpose. Time and time again they came up against the 'Dev Laws' Laws that simply could not be broken or bent.

Like the laws of Gravity or Physics the 'Dev Law' regarding Structure Points was set in stone. Yet it seems a young scientist has managed to 'Bend' the Dev Laws.

This 'Upgrade' is available ALL YEAR ROUND and once applied it becomes a permanent upgrade.

Structure Point Increase: +5

If Purchasing for an alternative Captain you MUST add their Captain name at the time of Purchase!

This is an Account UPGRADE and not an Item, so this is NOT transferable!
You may only purchase 1 Per Captain account.

This item WILL Stack with the Rudolph, Donner & Blitzen and the Spectre.

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