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Starbase Union Passenger Office

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Starbase Union Office

Union Offices vary from standard promenade offices in that Union require that you purchase your own office. They merely supply you with a licence to operate under their name.

This office can be purchased through the Core-Exiles Store or player crafted. It contains all the necessary equipment to run a fully operational passenger service. Unlike standard passenger offices, this is a deluxe building with a suite of rooms to entertain passengers whilst they await their flight to their chosen destination. This increases the power and crew requirements significantly.

Starbase owners should think about increasing their settlements 'Tourism Rate'. You can add various tourism buildings to your Starbase to increase this value and thereby increase your passing tourism trade. This in effect will increase traffic to and from your Union Office.

You can only fit one Union office at any one time, and you should note once deployed it cannot be removed. Once deployed, please allow up to 1 hour for the office to begin to see passing trade.

Energy Requirement: 350,000
Starbase Level Requirement: 5
Daily Running Costs: 40,000 CR
Staff Requirements: 40
Initial Manifest: 50
Union Income: 12% of Ticket Price

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