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Starbase Research - Juno

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Starbase Research - Juno

The Starbase Research Facility is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and scientific advancement. Its advanced AI systems and highly trained personnel work tirelessly to solve complex research topics, pushing the boundaries of what is known and expanding the frontier of human knowledge.

To operate, the Research Facility requires an enormous 250,000 units of energy, making it one of the most power-intensive facilities on the starbase. In addition, it also requires a highly skilled team of 25 personnel who are experts in their respective fields. These personnel are responsible for overseeing the research process, analyzing the data, and synthesizing the results.

Each cycle of research at the facility generates an amount based on the Starbase Scientific Efficiency. These points which can be spent on any Starbase Research topics of the owner's choosing. This allows starbase owners to customize their facilities to meet their specific needs and stay ahead of the competition. The Research Facility is an essential tool for any ambitious starbase owner looking to push the boundaries of science and technology.

Energy Requirement: 250,000 Units
Running Costs: 50,000 Daily

Crew Required: 25
Max Theoretical Research Points: 350 Per Cycle
Starbase Level: 1

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