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Settlement DCM Unit (Liquid)

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Settlement DCM Unit (Liquid)

Designed and developed by Deep Core enterprises this is a third generation Deep Core Liquid unit. They are mostly autonomous and apart from an initial setup and the odd maintenance check can run for months unattended.

The building has a base extraction rate of 10 units per hour per resource, this can be increased via Settlement research (Liquid Extraction Rates) Each level of research will increase the base units per hour the system can extract.

This unit is capable of mining various Liquids at deep substrate levels that other standard extraction machines can not. It will mine several Liquids at the same time and through a system of automated pipes deposit these directly into the local Commercial Storage bins.

Dyzalithiaum Fuel
Refined Chemicals
Liquid Sologen

Energy Requirement: 65,000
Settlement Level Requirement: 3
Settlement Running Costs: 4,000 CR

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