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SNARG Cryostasis Account Upgrade

SNARG Cryostasis Account Upgrade

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SNARG Cryostasis Account Upgrade

This is an account upgrade that allows the Captain to place his Pet Snarg in to Cryostasis without the need of a Cryo Chamber. Once applied to an account the Captain may Freeze and Thaw his Snarg as often as he / she likes.

Snargs require food and company and are happier when well fed and thus bond quicker. The Cryostasis chamber can be used to preserve the relationship between the pet and its owner whilst you take a holiday or are planning on being absent for a period of time.

You should use this chamber if you are going away for any lengthy period of time.

1 X Account Upgrade
(Note: Snargs do not award IP when in stasis, but will not loose any stats.)

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