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MR Module 6

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This is a Module for a Player Crafted Ship.  The image above is for reference and displays the stats generated by adding this module to a final ship build.. You should verify these by visiting a Black Star Shipwrights and reviewing the statistics of this module item.

PLEASE NOTE: To build a Player Made ship you will require a minimum of 1X Chassis, 1 X Frame, 200 Armour Compound. Please ensure you have access to a SMC or a player who is willing to 'cook' your components for you. Once complete you will be able to pick up your ship from their Player Ship Sales Office.

Do NOT purchase this item until you are 100% sure you can use it.

MODULES: You may also choose to add up to a maximum of Five UNIQUE ship modules to the layout. Unique means that whilst you can add up to five modules to a ship they must ALL be unique. Each slot component added will have an overall affect on the end build. 

NOTE: Modules are OPTIONAL to a build and will increase the captain level and build time of an end build.

This is a Fully Built and 'Ready to Use'  Ship Module.

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