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Gleso Productivity System R1

Gleso Productivity System R1

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Gleso Productivity System R1

The Gleso Productivity System is a recent piece of tech devised by those clever boffins at Truly Wonderful. The device itself is a Special that has to be fitted to a ships Special slot for it to function.

Once fitted it works in conjunction with the Gleso mainframe A.I. controller. It allows remote access to your Factories CPU threads, this in turn enables a percentage efficiency gain over those without  a Gleso Productivity connection.

This technology is new and has not yet been fully approved, but in beta testing it was seen to work without any major issues. The Gleso Productivity System comes in Five different modules. Each capable of a different efficiency gain.

You may only fit one of these Specials at any one time.

Captain Level 25 / Factory Efficiency Output +35%

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