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Exiles Resource Token

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What is an Exile Resource Token?

The Exile Resource Token can be accessed from the 'CE Guides Tab'. This option will allow you to spend your Exile Resource Tokens on Resource Boxes. You will be able to select from a drop down list that includes ALL the CE resources.

You will then be able to choose which box you would like to trade for a Token. Each token gets you a Box.

The token has a set value and this value will be divided by Joes Price to define the AMOUNT in the box. That way every one gets the same value for their box based on Joes prices & what they selected.

This will allow those of you that HAVE tokens to spend them on what ever type of resource you get and know that the price is a fair one based on the lowest price in the game.

Each token will get you ONE Box. But you may purchase as many boxes as you have Tokens. For instance if you want two boxes of Jallycite or two boxes of Buritozol Gas, then you need two tokens.

Please Note: This used to be called a Christmas Resource Token. Last year we removed the lock on them being obtained and used anmd now they can be gained all year round and spent via the in game pull out Panel 'CE Guides' . From there look for 'Exile R.T.S'.

The token value has been set permanently at 3.5Million. Joes prices are used to calculate this conversion when trading in a token, where Joe does not have a value TDK will be used. Where TDK does not have a value the in game Dev set base value is used.

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