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CES Mall - Retail Outlet (Goods NPC)

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CES Mall - Retail Outlet (Goods NPC)

This is a Retail Outlet Mall Store. Pre-packaged and ready to unpack and construct. Please pay careful attention to the documentation that came with this Mall Store and ensure you read the owners manual thoroughly.

This store is designed with Two “Point of Sales”. It has storage capacity of 1000 units. The storage system is fed directly via transfers from a Commercial Store. You may not exceed the maximum capacity of the store under any circumstances.

Revenue from Sales will be sent under secure electronic transmission every 12 hours to your authorized email service. It is your responsibility to ensure you cover all Mall Store Charges (Rental agreements).

35+ Items Sold such as:

Galactic News
Planetary Exports
Fashion Clothing
Horticultural Goods
Civilian Goods
Commercial Furniture
Domestic Furniture

This item is non tradeable and does not require any Structure Points to deploy.

Please Note: Whilst you may own as many C.E.S Malls as you like you may only DEPLOY FIVE at anyone time anywhere in the Game.

Level Requirement: 20
Structure Points: Nil
Negotiation Skill: 20

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