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C.A.I.C Services Settlement Booster

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C.A.I.C Services Settlement Booster Upgrade

Now its true - You can have your C.A.I.C and eat it!

This is an account upgrade that allows for you to boost your Settlement activated C.A.I.C Services by 10% Each.

This upgrades the following Settlement Services for both Expanse and Non Expanse Settlements:

Emergency Services +10%
Settlement Security +10%
Trade & Research +10%

This account booster will save you a large amount of SRP over time raising your C.A.I.C Services by an additional 10% each.

PLEASE NOTE the following :

You MUST add the settlement name to the purchase when asked for your captain name.

The usual rules apply with reguard to youre C.A.I.C. Removing your AI complex will not affect the booster, but as per normal your Services will go inactive. So you must have a C.A.I.C deployed to your settlement for the boosted Services to use.

This item USED to be limited to 2 Per settlement. This list was removed on the 20th March 2019.

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