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Buddy - Mining Barge

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Buddy - Mining Barge

Once active on your account the Mining Barge Buddy has a multi purpose role to play.

1: The Buddy automatically adds an additional 50 'Power Cell Max' your Mining Barge. Remember these will only recharge whilst the barge is not mining.

2: The buddy also adds an additional 500 'Ore Storage' space to your Barges Ore Store.

3: The Buddy acts like other 'Loot' based buddies and Aids your A.I when out on Mining Operations and looks out for special loots.

Your new buddy will scan for crates and then unpack them and place what he finds in the 'Buddy Stash'. Therefore you don't need to worry 'where the items went' or if you had space etc.

The Buddy Stash can then be viewed at any time via the left hand 'CE Guides Tab'. You can review what's in the Buddy stash at any time but you must be Docked at a location with a Commercial Store to transfer items out of the stash. (select how many input system).

You can store as much as you like in the stash (from Buddy Loots) so you can leave items there to pile up and drag them out when you need them, or move them when it best suits you.

Note: Buddies find crates from destroyed ships, lost loots and generally flotsam that is floating out there in the great Universe. You may find just about ANYTHING (resource wise) in a crate so don't be surprised !

You can review which of the buddies you have under the 'View Assets ' tab and then selecting 'Buddy Review'

Please Remember you may only own ONE of EACH. If purchasing for an Alt or another Captain please state clearly at the time of purchase.


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