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Advanced Exploration Deploy Kit (100 Pack)

Advanced Exploration Deploy Kit (100 Pack)

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Advanced Exploration Deploy Kit

Exploring uninhabited planets is normally reserved for the Survey Teams of the Major Factions, but from time to time individuals have been known to put together teams and go 'Explore' for themselves .

Often this ends in disaster and many ships have been found by Survey teams after their crew became incapacitated due to an indigenous virus or wildlife attacks. Sometimes their ships landed badly and they were unable to leave the planets gravity well.

But in every case you will need at least the most basic of 'Exploration Deployment Kits'. This kit is the 'Advanced' model and comprises enough food and basic supplies to maintain a small group of explorers for exploration on planets up to and including Danger Level 20.

You will need a Survey Skill of 120 to use this Kit.

Please Note : E.D.K's can only be used once you have 'Landed' on a planet. This should not to be confused with 'Docked'.

Level Requirement: 30
Max Danger Level: 20

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