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A New Store Front

Posted by Coops on 3/30/2016 to Site News
It's been a few years now since we changed out the Game Store and we felt it was time to modernise the store whilst doing so this year. We have been having issues keeping the old store up to date with security patches and its been showing its age.

We also wanted to add a layer of SSL security for our game customers who wanted to help support the game. You will find the final store check out system is now SSL encrypted so you can shop with the knowledge we are doing our part to make your sale secure.

The site is also now hosted with an external professional store company. They specialise in hosting on-line stores and keeping them bang up to date with security patches and server updates.

This does mean however that a 'New Store' means a 'New Account'. As we don't store your passwords in any readable format and to make sure everyone is able to access the store we would ask that you Create a NEW Store account. The sign up process takes a few seconds and you will soon be back up and running.

If you had a gift certificate balance on your OLD Store account please drop me (Coops) a line in game or use the contact form here giving us your Name, Surname and email address. We will then ensure your Gift Certificate balance is sent to you via email.