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100 Stamina Boost

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100 Stamina Boost

This is a Permanent Stamina Boost. Once purchased and and installed your Max Stamina is increased by 100. This does not affect your current stamina pool it only increases your Max Stamina.

The current Core-Exiles Stamina ticker runs every 15 mins adding 5 Stamina to your stamina pool on each tick up to your maximum Stamina. Adding this Stamina boost to your account will double your Stamina pool size.

Please Note: If you wish to purchase this item for someone else please add THEIR captain name to the box provided when making the final purchase.

As of June 4th 2012, you may now add a Maximum of TWO of these to your account increasing your Total Stamina by 200.

Bonus Item : Purchase this item and receive a 'Stamina Stim 50 X 10 Pack' completely Free!

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