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N.E.I - Sunstorm

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N.E.I - Sunstorm

This is a Negative Energy Induction Device (N.E.I). This special device is used in conjunction with the Wormhole Anchor gates located in Seven locations throughout the known Galaxies.

When placed on-line the unit can connect to any of the Wormhole Anchor gates over any theoretical distance. Once connected the N.E.I creates a mini stable worm hole which the ship automatically enters. Due to the charging process and safety locks in place a 40 minute lockout will be placed on jumping to the same gate twice.

The N.E.I consumes bio fuel to jump based on the total normal distance to the targeted Anchor Gate. The Sunstorm model of the N.E.I comes with an inbuilt 15% fuel compression algorithm.

Required Level 35

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